The TalkShoe iApp Site
The iApp site allows a TalkShoe user using a smart phone or tablet (such as iPhones, iPads, and Android devices) to listen to a show that is currently live on TalkShoe and also listen to approximately 40 of the most recently recorded episodes of any call series.

PC and Mac users can also use iApp but the number of previously recorded episodes is more limited.


Please note, for calls that are live, the iApp site allows you to listen only.
It does not give you the ability to text chat or speak on a live call.

Use the iApp Site
To use the iApp site, go to this address in your browser on your device: (will open in a new tab)

If you know the Call Series ID it’s even simpler!  Just add a forward slash and the call series number at the end of the URL.  For example: Live TalkShoe User Support Call is Call ID 77; so, type: (will open in a new tab)

Finding Shows
From the home page of the iApp site, you can find shows easily on TalkShoe with two main options!

Live Calls

To find shows that are currently live on TalkShoe,tap "Live Calls".  A list of currently live calls will appear..  In the example below 3 calls are currently "live":

Tap the call you want to listen to.

If we tap the "Back" button, we go back to the previous screen.  Below the "Live Calls" link, we have a second option, "Upcoming Calls."

Upcoming Calls
Tapping on "Upcoming Calls" will display a list of calls that will be live on TalkShoe in the near future, similar to the the example below:

Use the "Call ID" box to go directly to a call series page
Here’s simpler access path to any individual Call Series, if you know that Community Call Series ID.
From the home page of the iApp site, you can enter the call ID of the show in the "Call ID" box and then tap the "Go" button.

As an example let’s use the TalkShoe Support Call Series "Live TalkShoe User Support", Call ID 77.
Just enter – 77 (the # is not required) in the "Call ID" box and click or tap the "Go" button.

The call series page will appear.

Notice the call isn't Live.  However, you can tap "Scheduled Calls" to see a list of upcoming episodes or listen to previous episodes by tapping "Previous Call Recordings".

If the call is live, you can tap "Currently LIVE - Access" to listen to the live episode.

When you tap "Currently LIVE - Access", you will have two options to listen to the live call on a page similar to this screen:

Option A: You can tap the play button to listen live.  You will only be able to listen but not speak on the call or use the text chat.

Option B: Call in with a phone and follow the steps to enter the call on audio so you can talk live on the air!  If you choose option B, you can stop the audio coming from the iApp as the audio will come through your phone call.