Everyone who is thinking about creating or is creating for the first time a new show on TalkShoe has one burning question:
How do I create my show?

First, before the show is created, a couple of terms need to be understood.

What is a Call Series?  What is an Episode?
A "Call SeriesIS your show (which you "Create").  Your show (or "Call Series") has an overall theme, idea, feeling, or story line.  You present a certain aspect of your theme, idea, feeling, or story line in each Episode (which you "Schedule") that you host.

Call Series and Television Series, a comparison
You can think of your "Call Series" as like a television show, which is also called a series.  For example, the television series NCIS is a show with a story line about the agents of the Navy criminal investigators and episodes of the series are scheduled, each telling a small story in the overall story line.

Creating a Call Series and Scheduling Your First Episode Video
Watch this video which shows how you can create a "Call Series" and schedule your first episode.

The section after the video is a step by step guide for creating your "Call Series" and scheduling episodes.

An Example: Creating a Call Series and Scheduling Episodes
As an example, let's create a "Call Series" called the "Backyard Astronomer" which is a show about the viewing the night sky from your backyard.

1. If you are signed in to the TalkShoe website with your hosting account on the TalkShoe website, skip ahead to step 4.

Otherwise, go to http://www.talkshoe.com (will open in a new tab)

2. Click the "Sign-In" button at the top right corner of the website.

3. Enter your user name and password and click the white "Sign-In" button below.​

4. Click the green "Create" button at the top of most pages on TalkShoe.  

5. If it's the first Call Series you have created on this TalkShoe account, you would click "Get Started".

Otherwise, if you have created call series in the past,
click "Or create a new Call Series...".

Notice here that you can also "schedule episode" of a call series you have created in the past (the names in this example are blurred for confidentiality reasons).

6. Fill out the form to create your new Call Series.  Make sure to click "Advance Options" to fill out the whole form.  Then click the green "Schedule" button.  Details about how to configure each field can be seen in the video above.

Make sure to set the "Rating" appropriately for your call:
  •   "A": "All" audiences
  • "PC": "Parental Control" - audiences ages 13+ years - may contain infrequent adult language
  • "EL": "Explicit Language" - audiences ages 18+ years - contains frequent adult content

Guests cannot enter "EL" rated calls. Participants must enter with a registered TalkShoe account.

The Rating is a global Call Series setting.  You cannot set a Rating for individual episodes.  However, if your Call Series has an episode that ventures into territory covered by a higher Rating, it is advisable to add a show note to explain the episode has slightly more adult content.

The next step is to schedule episodes.  Let's say we have the following episodes we want to schedule: episode 1: "The Night Sky:An Introduction", episode 2: "The Moon", episode 3: "Familiar Constellations", etc.

7.The "Schedule an Episode" screen will appear where you can then schedule episode 1 "The Night Sky: An Introduction" for a date and time in the future (you can also start an episode "Right Now").  Then click "Next".

8. The confirmation screen will appear.  Click "Complete" to return to your new call series page.

9. To schedule additional episodes, on your call series page, use the "Schedule Episode" button.
This will bring up the screens from steps 7 and 8 above.

Don't use the "Or create a new Call Series..." link (in step 5 above) to schedule additional episodes of an existing call series.

This will create a NEW Call Series instead of scheduling episodes.

You can create additional "Call Series", if you have a different show idea.  For example, if you created the Backyard Astronomer series; but, you have an idea for a show on Cooking, you can create a new "Call Series" (starting with step 1 above) to create a new "Call Series" for that show.