TalkShoe recommends the FREE TalkShoe Live Pro Client
TalkShoe recommends users, especially hosts, to use the free TalkShoe Live Pro client when on a call on TalkShoe because it provides several added features that the web client does not provide.

Two Chat Clients
When going into the text chat on a call on TalkShoe, there are two main text chat clients that can be used from the call series page:

1. Web Client:
This is the chat client that most users use.  It is started by clicking the purple "JOIN IN!" button (or if the host is going into text chat, this button reads "START My Call!").

This chat client runs inside of the web browser (such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc.) you are running and does not require any special download to use.

2. TalkShoe Live Pro Client:
This is a free text chat client available for Windows and Mac OS X users and is downloadable from here (will open in a new tab -
may ask you to sign in with your TalkShoe account first

You must have a registered TalkShoe user account
(sign up here if you don't have one - will open in a new tab)
in order to download this client.  

Start it by clicking the smaller blue "
TalkShoe LIVE! Pro" button.

Advantages of the TalkShoe Live Pro Client

1. The Pro Client provides a more reliable connection that very rarely drops out from a call in comparison to the Web Client, especially over Wi-Fi.

2. The Pro Client allows you to see all of the chat that has occurred by scrolling back to the beginning, even before you entered the call (the Web Client does not do this).

3. The Pro Client allows for threaded conversations with colored text bubbles linking chat from multiple users responding to each other, which allows for an easier way to follow specific conversations between users.

4. The Pro Client allows the host to see how many streamers are listening to the call through a Dynamic Widget on a blog or website and through the TalkShoe iApp site.  The Pro Client also allows you to see the total number of audio callers on your call and the number have put their hand up that are waiting to talk.

5. The Pro Client provides to the host confirmation boxes when clicking the "
Start" button (to start a recording), "End" button (to end a recording), and "Terminate" button (to end the call and have the recording processed by TalkShoe).  This gives an added layer of protection in case a host accidentally clicks a button unintentionally.

6. The Pro Client makes the name of any caller appear in bold with two curled lines next to the name when that caller is speaking.  If there is undesirable noise (a barking dog, loud background noise, etc.) on the call, this allows the host to clue in on which caller may be producing that noise and to ask the user to self-mute, try to stop the noise, or (if necessary) mute that caller.

7. The Pro Client has the built-in Shoe Phone which allows a user to call in on audio with their computer with an attached headphone and microphone.
Click here for more information on the Shoe Phone.

It is NOT recommended for a host to run their call using the Shoe Phone.

8. There is a timeline along the bottom of the text chat window that allows the Host or participant to note the time of any text post.

Also, by hovering the mouse pointer on a specific chat bubble, the exact time of that message will appear next to the mouse pointer.


Installing and Starting the TalkShoe Live Pro Client
Here's information on how you can obtain, for free, the TalkShoe Live Pro client for a Windows or a Mac OS X based computer:

On a Windows computer, you must have Java installed first.
If you don't have Java installed, click here
 (will open in a new tab) 
to install to download and install Java.

Here is a video showing how to install the TalkShoe Live Pro Client.  
After the video, there is a step-by-step guide for installing the Pro Client.

   Here are the steps to install the Pro Client:
1. If you are signed in to the TalkShoe website with your hosting account on the TalkShoe website, skip ahead to step 4.

Otherwise, go to (will open in a new tab)

2. Click the "Sign-In" button at the top right corner of the website.

3. Enter your user name and password and click the white "Sign-In" button below.

4. Click the "Download" link at the bottom of most pages on the TalkShoe website. The page where you can download the Pro Client will appear. 

5. Click the Green "Download" button to download the Pro Client software.  In Internet Explorer, click "Run".  In other browsers, click "Save" to save the file (if it doesn't automatically); and then when the download is complete, open the file (in Edge click "Run"). 

PLEASE NOTE: Do not close the web browser after the download is complete. Keep it open to the page you are on.

The Pro Client will install.  Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the installation.

On a Mac computer, you may be prompted during the installation process to download and install a large Java file. If you receive this prompt, you must do this. Just tell the Mac computer to do this. The process for installing the Java add-on for Mac is automated. 

6. Go back to your web browser. If you have kept the page open where you downloaded the software from, click the Green "Done" button.

If you accidentally closed the page,
go back to the page by clicking this link 
(will open in a new tab
 - ​may ask you to sign in with your TalkShoe account first), and then ONLY click the Green "Done" button. 

After successfully installing the Pro Client, you would connect to the text chat for your call by clicking the "TalkShoe LIVE! Pro with ShoePhone!" button on the call series page on the TalkShoe website (you would do this INSTEAD of clicking the purple "Start My Call" button).

You can use the Pro Client instead of the Web Client (purple button) for either hosting your own call or joining to listen to another host's call.

Please be advised that on a Mac OS X Yosemite or newer computer, when clicking the blue button that you may receive a confirmation box that is hidden behind all of your open windows asking you if you really want to start the Pro Client. Just switch to this confirmation window hidden behind the other windows to start the Pro Client.

If you ever clear your browser's cookies, when you try to enter a show again using the Pro Client, the website will ask you to download Live Pro again.

You do NOT need to download it again. Just simply click the Green "Done" button again to reset the browser cookie telling the browser that Live Pro is installed.

Here is a video that shows how to use TalkShoe Live Pro to run your call: