You can call in with a regular telephone/cellphone calling in with the number 724-444-7444.

When prompted enter:

  • On your phone, call: 724-444-7444 
            (some hosts may have a Direct Dial Number for you to call instead)
  • When prompted, enter the Conference (Call Series) ID, and press the # key
  • Enter your PIN and then press the # key (Press 1# to enter as a guest on "A" & "PC" rated shows)

Learn about commands you can enter into your phone keypad while on the call.

Check with your phone provider for any charges that may be incurred for calling a Pittsburgh, PA telephone number.  TalkShoe doesn't charge to call in by this method.

"A" and "PC" rated shows can be entered by guests by pressing 1# for the PIN.  
Shows that are "EL" rated cannot be entered by a guest.
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