There are two ways that a TalkShoe user can use Skype to call into a show hosted on TalkShoe.

Skype Credits or Phone Plans
The first way is to make a purchase of Skype Credits (also known as Skype Out) or a monthly Skype telephone plan that allows a Skype user to make telephone calls to phone numbers in the United States. The purchase of the Skype Credits or the telephone plan would be made through Skype, not from TalkShoe.  Please see the Skype website on information to make that purchase: (will open in a new tab)

Once you can call telephone numbers in the United States using Skype, set up a phone contact in Skype for the regular TalkShoe telephone number: 724-444-7444.

To Call in using Skype Credits or a Phone Plan:
1. Call the TalkShoe phone contact
2. When prompted, enter the Conference ID followed by the # key into the keypad.

3. And when prompted, enter your PIN followed by the # key into the keypad.

- For "A" and "PC" rated shows, you can enter a PIN of 1# to enter as a guest.

You will need to enter numbers into the keypad in Skype, for steps 2 and 3 above.

To bring up the keypad:
 - In Skype, click the "Call" menu
 - Click "Show Dial Pad"


Learn about commands you can enter into your Skype keypad while on the call