When you "Register for a TalkShoe User Account", you will receive a validation email to the email account that you listed on your TalkShoe account.  You need to click the validation link in the email to validate your TalkShoe User Account.

You should receive this email within 30 minutes (usually within a few minutes).

If you do not receive this email, please follow these steps:

1. Check your email's junk/spam folder.  If you are using an email application program, such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc., you may need to check your junk/spam folder by logging in to your email through your web browser using your email provider's web-based email site.

2. If you still cannot find the validation email, you can have the email resent to you.

    - You may want to set up a spam rule in your email configuration to allow emails
       from the domain talkshoe.com or specifically a rule to allow emails
       from support@talkshoe.com.

    - Go to this page on the TalkShoe Website (will open in a new tab)

    - Click the link "forgot your user name or password, or need your email validation resent?"

    - Enter the email address that you entered on your TalkShoe User Account and click "Send Password"

    - Again check your email (and if necessary the junk/spam folder).

3. If you still cannot find the validation email, send an email to support@talkshoe.com using the email account that has the email address listed on your TalkShoe account (in this case do 
NOT send a help ticket).

The email address you email us from MUST match the address listed on your TalkShoe account.
  • Let us know that you did not receive the validation email
  • Tell us the TalkShoe User Name that you chose
  • Do NOT tell us your password, unless otherwise asked in a followup reply

A TalkShoe User Support Representative will respond as quickly as possible to assist you.


If you should ever stop using the email address registered on your TalkShoe account,
it is important to change the email address on your TalkShoe account
to a new, working address.