To gain the use of the hosting controls (such as Start recording, End recording, Muting callers, etc.) when running your own Call,
you need to call in on audio with your 10 digit hosting PIN.

But, it is recommended to also log in to the text chat, as you gain extra hosting controls not available with the phone commands which you can enter in on your phone keypad.  Also, you will be able to monitor and deal with any inappropriate behavior from "podcrashers" logged into the chat or called in on audio.

There are two different text chat clients that you can log into:
  • The Web Client which uses your web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc.)
  • The TalkShoe Live Pro Client, a free downloadable program for Windows and Mac OS X.

The TalkShoe Live Pro Client is the recommended chat client to use.

Find out the additional features the Pro Client has and how to download, install, and use it.

To help you learn how to Use the Hosting Controls, watch this video showing their use in the Web Client (all the hosting features in the Web Client are also available in the Pro Client).

To learn about the additional features in the TalkShoe Live Pro Client, watch this video:

To learn how to download and install the TalkShoe Live Pro Client, watch this video: