Apple has re-branded iTunes; and now, when your show is listed with Apple it is listed under "Apple Podcasts".

If you have your show listed on Apple Podcasts, you just updated your Show Image on TalkShoe, you may notice that the image doesn't update on Apple Podcasts.

There are two main reasons why your image may not update on Apple Podcasts.

1. To have your Show Image update on Apple Podcasts after you change it on TalkShoe, you must first either Record a Live Episode of your Call Series or Create & Upload Episode to your Call Series.

Performing either will trigger an update to your RSS feed.  Apple Podcasts will see this update adding your new episode to the Apple Podcasts listing. It will also update your new Show Image at the same time on your Apple Podcasts listing.

If you list on other podcasting directories, those directories should also see the RSS feed update, update your episode listing, and update your Show Image.

2. When you updated your Show Image, you didn't create it at a resolution of 1400 pixels by 1400 pixels.

To list on Apple Podcasts, your Show Image must be at 1400 by 1400 pixels.  If you don't, your new Show Image won't be posted on your Apple Podcast listing.  To fix this, resize your image to 1400 by 1400 pixels.  Again, after updating the Show Image, you must either Record a Live Episode or Create & Upload Episode .