Hosts, Proceed with Caution When Dealing with Guests
Guests may not have signed up for a TalkShoe account and therefore may not have read the Terms of Service (will open in a new tab).

If they haven't read the Terms of Service, they may not the rules of using TalkShoe.

Podcrashers, people that intentional cause disruptions on a show either in the text chat or on audio, will often come on as a Guest.

Handling Issues with Guests
If a guest (or again any TalkShoe user) is typing inappropriate messages in the text chat,
you can block their text chat by clicking the monitor symbol next to their name.

They won't be able to type any new messages in the text chat.  And, any prior messages the user had typed in the text chat will disappear for all other text chatters; but, those messages will still appear for the host with a line crossing those messages.


If you have a problem with a guest (or any TalkShoe user) on audio
you can mute that user by clicking the phone icon next to their name in the text chat.

Disruptive Guests That Repeatedly Enter as a New Guest
When a host blocks a guest, the guest may leave and renter the room under a new guest number to cause even more disruptions.

If a host has this problem, the host can automatically block the ability for all guests to text chat and talk on audio when they enter the room by using the "Guests: Block Participation" button.

All guests in the room will be blocked and any new guests entering the room will be blocked.



If you blocked all guests, the host may want to individually unblock a guest if they stay on the call for a substantial amount of time.

Usually podcrashers will leave fairly quickly if they think they won't have a chance to cause mischief.  But, if a guest stays for a long period of time, they may be a legitimate participant that won't cause trouble.

To unblock a guest, simply click on their monitor icon and/or their phone icon in the text chat interface.

Setting up a Call Series to Automatically block Guests
Also, a host can setup their Call Series to prevent guests from participating as soon as the call opens.  This can be done from the Call Series setup screen.  Follow these steps to configure this:

1. If you are signed in to the TalkShoe website with your hosting account on the TalkShoe website, skip ahead to step 4.

Otherwise, go to (will open in a new tab).


2. Click the "Sign-In" button at the top right corner of the website.

3. Enter your user name and password, then click the white "Sign-In" button below.


4. If you are already on your TalkShoe call series page with the episode you want to change the setting for "blocking guests", skip ahead to step 6; otherwise click the white "myTalkShoe" button.



 On the right side of the screen, click the title of your call series.


6. Click the pale green "Update" button.

7. For "Guest Participation on Entry", click "Block" (in the image, the red box)
    which will block both text chat and audio for all guests.

    Also the host can mute everyone on audio (both guests and registered TalkShoe users)
    by setting "Phone Mute on Entry" (in the image, the green box) to "Mute".


8. Click the "Update Call" button.

Again, hosts can unblock text chat for guests and unmute audio for callers
by clicking on an individual's monitor icon and phone icon, respectively in the text chat interface.