Persons that are not TalkShoe members can participate on calls as Guests.

Entering the text chat as a guest
1. Go to the call series page of the call you want to participate in on the TalkShoe website (enter the Call ID in the Call ID box and click the "Go" button, or do a search for that call with the Keyword box)

2. Click the purple "JOIN IN" button to enter as a guest.  You will appear to those on the call as a Guest with a guest number (Guest 5 for example).

Calling in on audio as a guest
Guests can also call into a show on the phone by:

1. Calling in with the regular TalkShoe phone number, 724-444-7444
2. Entering the Call ID of the Call Series followed by the # symbol
3. Entering 1# for the PIN

Learn about commands you can enter into your phone keypad while on the call.

In addition, guests can listen to a call by listening from a Widget (if the Call Series has one, ask the host if the call has a Widget) or using the iApp.

Please note: A person that is not registered with TalkShoe will not be able to see or participate on calls that have a rating of "EL" for "Explicit Language".
Learn how you can register for a TalkShoe account.