On the "Create Your Call" screen there is an entry named "Default Duration" and on the "Schedule an Episode" screen, there is an entry named "Episode Duration".



These allow the host to set an estimate for how long episodes of the call series will last, to give participants on the show an idea of how long episodes will be.

If a host goes over these estimates, TalkShoe will NOT cut off the episode.  The host can continue longer than these recording lengths, or have a shorter length if desired.

The maximum length a show that is recorded live is 5 hours.  Although, to be safe, a host should plan to go no longer than 4 hours for a single episode, as sometimes the system will stop a call abruptly between the fourth and fifth hour.

If the host desires a longer period of time than 4 to 5 hours, the host can announce that the call is about to end but that a second call will be starting shortly.  Then the host can "End" and "Terminate" the call and then immediately start a second call by scheduling it for "Right Now".  Anyone on the first call will have to log back into the second call's text chat and/or call back in on audio into the second call.