This is a tutorial to help you download, install, and configure X-Lite 3.0 to call into TalkShoe on a Windows based computer when using a microphone and a headset.

Special Notes
1. Counterpath, the makers of X-Lite, discontinued v3.0 of X-Lite and have now released newer versions of X-Lite.  However, version 3.0 works very well and has the built-in ability which allows you to make a Local Recording (newer versions do not have this capability), so we highly recommend you use v3.0 and make a Local Recording for your own convenience.

2. **Please note that TalkShoe used to provide a link to a different revision of X-Lite version 3 that provided some call-in issues.  This is a newer revision of X-Lite version 3 that does not have this problem.  If you have tried X-Lite before and had issues calling into TalkShoe, please uninstall X-Lite that you tried before (if you still have it installed), download and install this version, and try again.

3. You can use X-lite without a SIP provider to connect to TalkShoe but you cannot receive calls and messages. You need a SIP Provider to receive incoming calls and to make call to others.

4. Mac users, try Express Talk for Mac OS X.  Linux and Windows Users can try Blink.

5. Before you can use X-Lite with TalkShoe, you first must create a TalkShoe account on the TalkShoe website.  Create one here (will open in a new tab).

Downloading and Installing X-Lite

1. Download the Windows version of X-lite v3.0 here.

2. When the download has finished, please install X-lite by double clicking the downloaded file and following the installation instructions.

3. Plug in your Microphone and headphones (both might be on the same cable if it is a USB headset) into the computer.

Configure the SIP settings...
1. From the X-Lite menu, click "SIP Account Settings..."

2. On the popup screen Click "Add".

3. The Properties window appears.On the "Account" tab enter the following:

Enter your TalkShoe Username in the "Display Name", "User name", and "Authorization user name" fields.

Enter your TalkShoe account's password in the "Password" field.

Enter the TalkShoe IP address in the "Domain" field.

Make sure that "Register with domain and receive incoming calls” is not checked.

4. Click the "Topology" tab.

Make sure "Enable ICE" is checked.
Also, make sure that under the "STUN server" section that "Use specified server" is selected.
Then enter into the "Use specified server" field:

Finally, click "OK" at the bottom of the window.

Setup a Contact for TalkShoe
1. On the right-hand edge of the X-Lite interface, click on the arrow pointing to the right.

2. The Contact pane will appear.  Right click on any of the options ("Friends", "Home", or "Work") and then left click "Add Contact".

3. The Contact Properties window appears.

Enter the following in the "Name", "Display as", and "Group(s)" fields: TalkShoe

In the "Softphone" field, enter: 123@

Click the "OK" button.

Now setup up your audio devices
1. From the X-Lite menu, click on “Options”.

2. Click the "Devices" button on the left column.

3. Make sure the Headset and Speakerphone sections have your speaker/headset information for both the "Speaker device" and the "Microphone device".

Also, VERY IMPORTANT, make sure that:
  • "Use acoustic echo cancellation (AEC)" IS checked in both sections
  • "Use auto gain control (AGC)" is NOT checked in both sections
  • "Use noise reduction" IS checked in both sections
Click the "OK" button.

Connect to TalkShoe
To Connect to TalkShoe, right click the TalkShoe contact in the Contact panel.  In the popup menu, click "Call".

When prompted, enter the Call ID followed by the # key.
Then enter your TalkShoe PIN Number followed by the # key.
You should then be successfully connected into the call.

To enter the numbers, you can either use the keys on your computer keyboard or click the numbers on the X-Lite phone pad.

Learn about commands you can enter into the X-Lite keypad while on the call.

If the ONLY use you have for X-Lite is to dial into TalkShoe, after calling into TalkShoe once, you can use the "Redial" button to call into TalkShoe again.

Thanks to Steve Guessed and Randulo 
for writing the original instructions
which this document is based upon.