On your Call Series screen, there are four pale green buttons toward the top of the page.
Two of the buttons, "Schedule Episode" and "Create & Upload Episode" sound similar but have two different functions.

Schedule Episode
If you want to do a live episode right now or in the future, you would use the "Schedule Episode" button. This will let you schedule in episode to either go live right now or some time in the next six months.

Watch this video for more information (the portion covering "Scheduling an Episode" is between the 4:03 minute mark and the 6:12 minute mark.


You can NOT use "Schedule Episode" to upload a recording and then schedule it to appear in the future.

The only way you can approximate this is to use the "Create & Upload Episode" (see the next section) AFTER the date and time that you want the episode that you are uploading to be listed on your call series.

For example, if you want an episode listed on your call series on August 12, 2028 at 9pm Eastern, you would need to use the "Create & Upload Episode" to upload the episode from your computer at some point AFTER August 12, 2028 at 9pm Eastern and list the date and time as August 12, 2028 at 9pm Eastern.

"Schedule Episode" can only be used to schedule a live episode now or in the future.

Create & Upload Episode
If you have a prerecorded episode, one that you have stored on your computer, you can upload this recording to your Call Series to create a past episode.  When you upload this episode, you will need to give it a date and time of when the episode was recorded.  This date and time must be some time in the past.

The file that you upload must be:
    - in mp3 file format
    - must be no larger than 100MB in size
    - have a sampling frequency which is a multiple of 11,025Hz (11,025Hz, 22,050Hz, etc.)
    - best in mono or "joint-stereo"
    - best to have a bit-rate quality of 64kbps or 96kbps

Watch this video for more information:

You can NOT list an uploaded recording for the present time or a date and time in the future. It must be at some date/time in the past.