Hosts have the ability to hide an episode of their Call Series.  When an episode is hidden, it can only be seen by the host and by TalkShoe personnel.  Hosts can make hidden episodes visible again to everyone.

Once an episode is hidden, the host can then further delete the episode.  Once an episode is deleted, it cannot be recovered.  So, delete an episode with caution.

Further, hosts can disable a Call Series.  This effectively hides the whole call series from view, except the host and TalkShoe personnel can still see it.  Hosts can enable a Call Series to make it visible to everyone again.

There is not a direct way for a host to delete a whole Call Series; however, if a disabled Call Series is not changed in any way for 180 days, it will be deleted.

If you try to disable a Call Series that has scheduled future
 episodes, the TalkShoe system will tell you that you must delete those future episodes first.

Please watch this video to learn how to hide and delete episodes, as well as disable a Call Series: