The PIN is an optional 10 digit number (although, if you want to call in on audio or host your own show, you MUST have a 10 digit PIN) that is unique to each TalkShoe account, which is used when calling in on audio to a TalkShoe show.

When you call into a show on audio, the TalkShoe system will ask you to enter on your keypad the Conference ID (or call series ID) of the show (followed by a # key).

Then system will ask you for your PIN (followed by the # key).

This is when you enter your 10 digit PIN; and when entered, you will appear
in the TalkShoe text chat on audio as your registered TalkShoe screen name or username.  

Users can also enter as a guest for shows rated "A" (for All Audiences) and "PC" (for Parental Control: which has content similar to a PG-13 rated movie) by entering 1# instead of a 10 digit PIN.

Users entering shows rated "
EL" (for Explicit Language) must have a registered TalkShoe account, and to enter on audio must have a 10 digit PIN.

Guests cannot enter "EL" rated shows.

How do I set up my PIN?
Here is a video outlining how to setup your PIN with a step-by-step guide after the video.

When you register for a TalkShoe account (will open in a new tab),
you have the option of creating your PIN on that screen.

Clicking the "What's a PIN?" button will give bring up a popup window describing what the PIN is.

As you are filling out the form, enter a 10 digit number in the "Phone/PIN" field.
Users can use their phone number (including their area code) as their PIN.

TalkShoe members from some countries may not be able use their phone number as their 10 digit PIN.   For example, UK telephone numbers are 11 digits long and therefore cannot be used as a TalkShoe PIN.

If you enter a PIN that is already being used by another TalkShoe member,
when you click the "Create User" button you will receive a message saying to pick another number.

If this happens, you will need to pick another number as your PIN.

Also, if this happens and you chose your phone number as your PIN, it does NOT mean that someone else knows your phone number.  Remember, the PIN can be ANY 10 digit number; and, another TalkShoe user just happened to pick your phone number for their TalkShoe PIN.

Auto Login
If you decide to use your phone number for your PIN, you can use another feature called "Auto Login".  If you enable this feature, when you call in to TalkShoe on your phone that has a phone number that matches your 10 digit PIN, the TalkShoe system will recognize your phone number as matching your PIN, it will not ask you for your PIN (it will still however ask for the Conference ID), and the system will automatically log you in with your TalkShoe account.  

Enabling Auto Login
To enable "Auto Login", follow these steps:

1. Go to (will open in a new tab)

2. Log in with your TalkShoe account by clicking "Sign-In" in the upper right corner and
enter your TalkShoe username and password, and click the white "Sign-In" button.

3. Click the white "MyTalkShoe" button

4. Click "PIN" in the list of options on the left side of the screen.

5. A screen will appear where you can change your PIN.  
Also you can "Enable" or "Disable" Auto Login by clicking the appropriate button.

6. Click the green "Update Phone/PIN" at the bottom of the page.

Your changes will then be updated on your account.

If you decide to change your PIN, again after clicking "Update Phone/PIN" you may get a message stating the new PIN you have chosen may be in use by another TalkShoe user.  Again, if this is the case, you would have to choose a different PIN.

In the future if you change your phone number and your PIN matches your old number, you may want to change your PIN to your new number or, at least, disable Auto Login.