TalkShoe provides FREE training to help you the user learn how to use the TalkShoe service.  These classes are usually offered four times during each calendar month.  Pre-registration is required.

You can take the class as many times as you like.

The free training program is conducted by the leading experts on the TalkShoe User Support Team. The training program consists of one session lasting up to 2 hours.

Topics covered include:

  • Setting up your TalkShoe Hosting Account
  • Creating your own Call Series/Show
  • Scheduling episodes of your Call Series
  • Controlling your show from your Phone
  • How to Start your recording
  • How to End your recording and Terminate your episode
  • How to Handle Disturbances and Disruptive Participants
  • Broadcast Techniques - How to Conduct a Show in a Professional Manner
  • Discussing the different types of shows you can have
  • Where to Go for More Help - Hosting Resources
There will be time for participants to ask questions of the trainers.

To attend a training session:
  1. Click here to see a list of our upcoming training sessions (will open in a new tab).
  2. Pick the date and time that best fits your schedule (only pick one please).
  3. Then email us and in the email, list the date and time that you chose to attend.

The trainer for the session you chose will respond with information on how to attend the class.