This is a tutorial to help you download, install, and configure Express Talk to call into TalkShoe when using a microphone and a headset.

Special Notes
1. You can use Express Talk without a SIP provider to connect to TalkShoe but you cannot receive telephone calls and messages. You need a SIP Provider to receive incoming calls and to make call to others.

Windows users, try X-Lite 3.0 for Windows or
Blink for Windows and Linux.

3. Before you can use Express Talk on TalkShoe, you first must create a TalkShoe account on the TalkShoe website.  Create one here (will open in a new tab).

Download and Install Express Talk for Mac
1. Plug in your Microphone and headphones (both might be on the same cable if it is a USB headset) into the computer.

2. Download Express Talk for Macintosh.

3. Open your download icon on the dock and click the file ExpressTalk_i.dmg

4. Read the Licensing Terms for Express Talk.  If you agree with the licensing terms, click the "Agree" button.  Otherwise, click "Cancel" and stop.

5. A window should appear where you will drag the Talk icon into your Applications.  Go ahead and drag it into Applications.

6. Open your applications folder in Finder.  Then open Express Talk by clicking "Talk".

7. A window may appear stating ExpressTalk is an application downloaded from the Internet and asking if you are sure you want to open it.  Click the "Open" button.

8. The ExpressTalk application will appear on the screen and its icon in the Dock.  You may want to make the ExpressTalk icon to always stay on the Dock.  To do that, right click the icon in the Dock, choose "Options" and click on "Keep in Dock".

9. A popup will appear stating "Default Line Not Setup".  Click the "OK" button.

Configure ExpressTalk to use TalkShoe
1. The Preferences box should have appeared with the "Lines" tab at the top of the Preferences box selected.

- In the field "Full 'Friendly' Display Name" type:

- In the "SIP Number (or User Name)" field, type your TalkShoe username

- In the "Password" field, type your TalkShoe password

2. Click the "Audio" tab at the top of the Preferences box.

- Change the "Sound Input Device" to your microphone device.
- Change the "Sound Output Device" to your headset or speakers.
- Place a checkmark in "Use Echo Cancellation"
- Make sure "Boost Microphone Input" is NOT checked.

3. Click the "Network" tab at the top of the Preferences box.

- Make sure that "Use STUN servers to find external IP Address and Port" has a checkmark in the box in front of it.  If it doesn't, click the box to make the checkmark appear.

- In "STUN Server 1", type:

- In "STUN Server 2", type:

- Click the "OK" button

Setup TalkShoe Contact
1. Click the "Phone Book" button.  The Phone Book box should appear

2. Click the "New" button.

3. The "Add New Contact" window will appear.

- In the "First name" field, type:

- In the "Home number of sip address" field, type:

- Click "OK"

4. Close the Phone Book box.

Connect to TalkShoe
1. Click the "Phone Book" button.

2. Click "TalkShoe" and then click the "Dial" button.

When prompted, enter the Call ID followed by the # key and then you will be prompted to enter your TalkShoe PIN Number followed by the # key, you should then be successfully connected into the call.

To enter the numbers, you can either use the keys on your computer keyboard or click the numbers on the Express Talk phone pad.

Learn about commands you can enter into the Express Talk keypad while on the call.

After a few weeks, Express Talk may advise you that if you want to continue using the pro features, you have to purchase the program.  You can just close the window with this message; and, Express Talk will continue working as the Free edition.  You do not need to purchase the program unless you want the features in the Pro version or are using the program for commercial purposes.