Your Avatar
Whether you are a host on TalkShoe or just using TalkShoe to join shows run by others on the service, you can set up an "Avatar" on your TalkShoe user account. The "Avatar" is a picture that is a representation of you the TalkShoe user.

Your "Avatar" has a different purpose than a Call Series "Show Image".  The "Show Image" is a picture that is a representation of the content of your TalkShoe show. Although both the "Show Image" and the "Avatar" can have the same image, often they have different images.  Find out more about Show Images.

Watch this video demonstrating how to setup an "Avatar" on your TalkShoe user account:


The "Avatar" should be a square image (as tall as it is wide) that should be no larger than 300 pixels by 300 pixels.

The "Avatar" should have a file size of 50KB or smaller.

The "Avatar" will be display on the TalkShoe website in different locations at 50 pixels by 50 pixels and 120 pixels by 120 pixels.

Your "Avatar" should be either an original piece of artwork that you own or a royalty free image.