The ShoePhone is a feature built-in to the TalkShoe Live Pro client program (available for Windows and Mac computers) that allows you to call in to the call on audio.

It is the advice of TalkShoe Support that you do not host a call using ShoePhone.

What do I need?
  • Computer with Windows or Mac OS X
  • Headphones
  • Microphone (perhaps built-in to the headphones)
  • Internet Connection
  • TalkShoe Live Pro

TalkShoe Live Pro is available for registered TalkShoe account users
by clicking here (will open in a new tab - may ask you to sign in with your TalkShoe account).

You must have a registered TalkShoe user account (create one here - will open in a new tab)
in order to download this client.

How do I use the Shoe Phone?

1. Plug in your headset and microphone into the computer.

2. In the audio settings on your computer, make sure that your default audio playback device is your headphones and your default recording device is your microphone.

3. Enter the TalkShoe Live Pro client of the show you want to call in on.

Do NOT use the standard web client.
Do NOT click "Join In".

You MUST log into the text chat of the call using the blue "TalkShoe Live Pro with ShoePhone!" button.

4. Click the ShoePhone button at the lower right hand corner of the chat client.

The ShoePhone was developed for earlier versions of Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS X operating systems.  Unfortunately, it may not work for all users.

You may get a message stating:
"ShoePhone Cannot Connect"
(as shown in the image on the right)

If ShoePhone does not work for you, check out information on how to call in with your computer using SkypeX-Lite for Windows, Express Talk for Mac OS X, or Blink for Windows or Linux.