If you believe there is a TalkShoe System failure:

BEFORE contacting us, please try the following steps:

Step 1. Call 1-724-444-7444. Can you enter your Call ID, and then join the call as a guest by pressing 1#? If you’re a TalkShoe member, can you call back in and get on with your PIN?

Step 2. Determine if you can see and use the Live TalkShoe Support player-badge (AKA widget) shown below (Please note that the widget will not appear on most smartphones and tablets):

Step 3. Go to http://www.talkshoe.com (will open in a new tab). Does our website display? Can you find a Live Call and then or click the "Join In" to participate via the web-based TalkShoe Live?

If you can’t call in (Step 1), or if you can get on TalkShoeSupport.com but can’t access the TalkShoe player/badge (Step 2), or if you can’t join the TalkShoe Live chat (Step 3), then feel free to email us immediately at support@talkshoe.com or submit a help ticket (will open in a new tab) to report which step doesn’t work for you.

Our goal is to respond as fast as possible to System Failure reports.

Thank you.