Reporting a Disruption or Offensive Statements

If you are the host of a show and had a disruption or offensive statements in the chat, you can use the chat log to report the offender to TalkShoe Support by sending us an email to

Please only copy and paste the relevant parts of the log into your email. Please include the Call Series ID, the Episode Number/Title, and the reason why the text is a disruption or offensive.

You can also report disruptions that occur on audio.  Report these audio disruptions in the same format.

For example:
1.  On (show name and call ID) (date and time) caller said "Winnie the pooh is a bad bear" at the 32 min, 42 second mark on the recording.

2.  On (show name and call ID) (date and time) chatter typed "@#$%#^$&#" at the 1 hour, 4 min, 10 second mark of the recording.

3.  On (show name and call ID) (date and time) host said "Winnie the pooh is stupid" at the 3 hour 49 min, 29 seconds mark of the recording. 

If each complaint is not given in the above format, the TalkShoe Security Team will not be able to investigate and this case will be closed.

For messages in the text chat that you believe are offensive, you can find these text messages by:
    1. Go to (will open in a new tab)
    2. Enter the call series
    3. Pick the episode from the drop down list.  

For more information on Chatgrabber, see our FAQ on "Chatgrabber".

Please do NOT tell us to look at the whole chat transcript or to listen to all of the show.  We need the specific information in the exact format shown above that we are requesting, to proceed.

If you provide the information we are requesting, the security team will examine the data and take appropriate action.  Please be aware that you will normally not receive any feedback from the security team as to the action taken based on the examination of the data provided.