The most likely reason that you may have past episodes of your call series that you didn't schedule is because you have a featured turned on in your Call Series settings named
"Create Episode on Demand".

"Create Episode on Demand" allows an episode to be scheduled for right now and to have the text chat room be opened immediately, without the need to pre-schedule the episode through the TalkShoe website first.  On a Call Series that has "Create on Demand" enabled, this is accomplished by calling into TalkShoe on audio (telephone) with that show's "Conference ID" (or "Call ID").

This is a great feature if a host may be traveling without a computer but still wants to host an episode of their own show via the telephone without an episode pre-scheduled.

However, this will happen no matter who is calling in on audio, the host or anyone else.  If "Create Episode on Demand" is enabled on the call series and a listener calls in on audio thinking that show should be live when it really isn't live, or someone accidentally calls in to the call series on audio by mistake, then the TalkShoe system will automatically schedule a new episode for right now and will immediately open the chat room for that call series.  And this is the reason why episodes may appear on your call series that you didn't schedule.

However, these unscheduled episodes will not be recorded.

If you wish to turn off "Create Episode on Demand", follow these steps
1. If you are signed in to the TalkShoe website with your hosting account on the TalkShoe website, skip ahead to step 4.

Otherwise, go to (will open in a new tab).

2. Click the "Sign-In" button at the top right corner of the website.

3. Enter your user name and password, then click the white "Sign-In" button below.

4. If you are already on your TalkShoe call series page with the episode you want to change the setting for "Create Episode on Demand", skip ahead to step 6; otherwise click the white "myTalkShoe" button.



 On the right side of the screen, click the title of your call series.


6. Click the pale green "Update" button.

7. Remove the checkmark from the box next to "Create Episode on Demand"

8. Click the "Update Call" button.


You should now no longer have additional unscheduled past episodes appearing on your Call Series.