Welcome - Introducing the New TalkShoe, now available as a Personal Sandbox

TalkShoe is launching a brand new website with new features, functionality, and reliability.  We are opening up the new website and features to our top users in a sandbox form.  We are happy to have you here!

Can you explain what a Sandbox is?

We want to give you the opportunity to try the new TalkShoe before it's released to the public.  The Sandbox accounts give you the chance to try and test the new TalkShoe in an "alternate universe", unrelated to your real-world accounts.

Poke around to check out the new interface and all the new features.  Don't worry, nothing you produce will become live outside of the sandbox, and does not affect anything in your real-world account.  Your TalkShoe account and recordings on the old TalkShoe site will be unaffected by anything done in the Sandbox.

To help you with this process, we have written several support documents giving you additional information and explaining step-by-step how to do common functions in the Sandbox:

RSS feeds are not functional in the Sandbox; so, you cannot list your sandbox shows on iTunes or other directories.  When the new site goes live (after the sandbox is closed), the RSS feeds will work from your shows migrated from the old TalkShoe site to the new TalkShoe site as well as any new shows that you create after the sandbox is closed on the new TalkShoe site.

Remember, that anything created in the Sandbox will only exist in the Sandbox.  When the Sandbox is closed to allow the new TalkShoe go live, all the Sandbox accounts, shows, recordings, and settings will be removed.  The new TalkShoe website will go live at that time with all your TalkShoe accounts, shows, recordings, and settings migrating to the new TalkShoe site from the old TalkShoe site. We will give you ample notification before this happens!

We want to hear what you think about the Sandbox and the new TalkShoe, so that we can take your comments and suggestions as considerations before launching.  Please be aware that as we make advances on the new TalkShoe, we will make updates to the Sandbox so you can keep in the know.

Please click here to leave us comments & suggestions to help us improve the new TalkShoe!

Click here for a list of known issues we are working on to fix.