Once you have created a show on the new Sandbox site, you need to schedule an episode of your show.

How to Schedule an episode

Follow these easy steps to schedule an episode of your show on the Sandbox site:

  1. If you aren't on the Sandbox site,  go to https://staging.talkshoe.com
  2. If you are NOT logged in to the Sandbox site, go to step 3,
    If you ARE logged into the Sandbox site,
    click "Start an Episode" and skip to step 5. 
  3. If you aren't logged into the Sandbox site, click the "Login" button
  4. Enter your username and password and click "Login"

  5. On your "Shows" page, click the name of the show that you want to schedule an episode for.

  6. In the upper right corner, click "New Episode".  In the dropdown menu, click "Schedule".

  7. Enter the subject (the title) for your episode.  Please note that the subject does not automatically put in an episode number (like the Old TalkShoe did).  You can add an episode number if you like.

  8. Click the date field and pick a date (you can pick a date up to one year in advance starting with the current date).  To schedule an episode for right now (the current time), pick today's date.
    Note: You can schedule as many future episodes as you like if you follow all of these steps in this document for each episode that you schedule.

  9. Click the time field and pick a time that you want your episode to start (you can pick times at the top of the hour, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 45 minutes after the top of the hour.  You cannot pick a date/time that is in the past).  To schedule an episode for right now (the current time), pick the time that appears automatically in the time field (it will pick the time within the last 15 minutes).

  10. Pick an estimate duration for your episode (you can choose from 15 minutes up to 12 hours)

  11. Enter show notes into the Agenda field.

  12. Click "Timezones" to add a timezone to your invitation email so people in other timezones know when your show will start.  The timezone you live in will automatically be listed.  A screen will appear where you can click a "+" symbol.  A drop down menu will appear where you can type the city you are looking for and pick from a list of possible matches or pick a city they live or a city in the same timezone they live in from the drop down box.  Add additional cities until you are done.  Then click "Save".




  13. Check or uncheck the "Automatically Record" box to have the meeting automatically recorded.  If you choose to automatically record, also pick from the drop down box to record just the "Audio" or to record the "Online Meeting" (audio and video).

    Please Note: If the host is the only participant in the show, the host will have to manually click "Record" to start a recording even if "Automatically Record" is checked on this screen.

  14. Check or uncheck the "Automatic live stream" to choose whether or not to stream your show to those that are watching but have not called in to audibly speak on your show.

  15. Check or uncheck "Automatically generate Cue Smart Summary" to decide whether to generate a transcript and to highlight key terms in that transcription.

  16. Click "Next"

  17. The next screen allows you to choose to send an email to people you want to invite to your show.  You can either pick them from a saved list or type in their email address and click the "+Add" button to add them to your list.  You can also remove them from your email list by clicking the red "X Remove" button.  Click "Next" when done.


  18. Optionally choose the "Dial-In Numbers" of the participants that are going to join you on the show.  Your dial-in number chosen in your profile is automatically chosen.  Click the "Next" button when done.

  19. On the "Summary" screen make sure your show is properly scheduled.  You can click "Back" to make changes.  If everything is set correctly, click "Schedule".

  20. The "Complete" screen appears telling you the show has been scheduled.  Click "Close" to finish.

Your episode is now scheduled!

Learn how to Join and Record your Episode when it is live!

Remember, when the Sandbox closes, all shows and episodes created in the sandbox will be deleted.  When the sandbox closes, all existing shows, episodes, and settings from the old TalkShoe site will migrate over to the new site.