When your scheduled episode is live on the new Sandbox site, you need to join it.

How to Join Your Live Episode

Follow these easy steps to schedule an episode of your show on the Sandbox site:

  1. If you aren't on the Sandbox site,  go to https://staging.talkshoe.com
  2. If you are NOT logged in to the Sandbox site, go to step 3,
    If you ARE logged into the Sandbox site,
    click "Start an Episode" and skip to step 5. 
  3. If you aren't logged into the Sandbox site, click the "Login" button
  4. Enter your username and password and click "Login"

  5. Your list of shows will appear.  One of them should appear as "LIVE".  Click the "Join Now" link to join that show.

  6. You will now be asked how you want to join the episode on audio.  You can choose the "Internet" or by "Phone".
    Since you want to call in on audio, do not use "View Only" which is used only for participants that want to listen and participate in the text chat.

  7. Clicking "Internet" will connect your computer to the studio for audio.  You will enter the meeting room automatically.

    Clicking "Phone" will display the "Dial-in numbers" that you can use to call into the episode along with the show's "Show ID" and your Moderator PIN.  Then click "View meeting room" to enter the studio on the computer and dial in on the phone using the dial-in .

    If you are dialing in on the phone:
      - Call the dial-in phone number for your region of the world

      - The TalkShoe switchboard will ask you for your Show ID.  

         Enter that on your phone's dialpad followed by the # key.
      - Then it will ask for the Moderator PIN.  

         Enter the moderator PIN on the phone's dialpad followed by the # key 
         (the moderator PIN is different for each caller 
          and changes for each episode for each caller).
      - You will then be connected to your show on the phone

  8. You have now entered the conference.  Each participant that has called in on audio into the studio will appear in a box at the bottom of the screen.  The participant can appear in one of three ways:
    - If they do not have a user image and they do not have a webcam 
       or the webcam is turned off, they will appear with initials
    - If the have a user image on their account and they do not have a webcam 
       or the webcam is turned off, they will appear with their user image
    - If they have a webcam turned on, their webcam image will appear 
       (if their connection is sufficient to sustain the image)

    The person currently speaking or the person to last speak will appear in the center of the screen with whichever image is presented in their box at the bottom of the screen.

  9. There are various controls at the top and the right side of the screen:

    The buttons at the top:
    This button allows you to self-mute your microphone or phone
    If you have a webcam on your computer, this button allows you to start or stop your webcam
    This button allows you to share your desktop or a file displaying on your screen

    This button allows you to start a recording, pause the recording, and restart a paused recording.

    When you click the Start recording button, you are given a few options about how your show will be recorded:

    You can record the audio, the video, stream live to those listening to your show but aren't called in, and enable the transcript with keyword summaries of your audio.  Click the blue "Start recording" button to start the recording.

    This button allows you to hang up your audio connection (and still listen), exit the conference, and end the conference (if you are a host).

    The buttons at the far right are as follows:

    This button opens the text chat to allow you to post to the chat or view the chat that is occurring from other participants.  Click it again to hide the text chat.

    This button allows you to see a list of the participants that are on the call with you.  From here, you can mute individual participants.

    You can also assign a moderator from the list to help you co-host your show.  Moderators will have a star next to their names.

    Click the button again to hide the Participant list.

    This button allows a host or moderator to mute or unmute all non-hosts/non-moderators.  It also gives an option to allow or disallow participants to unmute themselves if the host or moderator has muted them.

    This button provides details about the conference including Dial-in Phone Numbers, Show ID, the show's URL, the moderator's PIN, and controls for the Phone.

    This button allows you to configure your microphone, speakers, and webcam settings.  It also provides a way to test your Internet connection, audio settings, and webcam settings.

    This button will make the conference screen fill the entire screen removing web browser controls.  Press it again to return to the regular mode.

These are the basic controls for hosting your show.