TalkShoe has a feature called "Conference on demand" that allows you to start a new episode of your call series by calling in on the telephone without needing to first schedule it through the website.

Please note that this feature will affect all shows on your user account.  If you have more than one show created on the same user account, and you turn this setting on, all of the shows on that account will have this feature.

Also, please note that this feature allows any TalkShoe user to call into your shows and start them.  This feature is advantageous for a group or organization that wants to host a virtual meeting on TalkShoe; but, the leader of each meeting might be different.

How To Turn on "Conference on Demand"

  1. If you aren't on the Sandbox site,  go to
  2. If you are NOT logged in to the Sandbox site, go to step 3,
    If you ARE logged into the Sandbox site, 

    click "Start an Episode" and skip to step 5. 
  3. If you aren't logged into the Sandbox site, click the "Login" button
  4. Enter your username and password and click "Login"

  5. Click the menu in the upper right corner of the page and pick "Settings"

  6. On your settings page on the left side, click "Conference on demand"

  7. To enable "Conference on demand", click the button to change the setting from grey to green in color.

    Then click the blue "Save" button.

Now, to do a new episode of your show without scheduling ahead of time, 
simply call in to TalkShoe using your phone using the dial-in telephone number 
for your region of the world!