When hosts and participants call in on the telephone, they have access to a number of commands they can enter into their phone.  Here is a list of those commands:

Raises your hand to let the host know that you would like to speak.  If you already have your hand raised, this will lower your hand.
Mutes or unmutes your line.

Toggles between the three audio modes:
  1. Only the host and moderators can speak, others cannot speak unless unmuted by the host or a moderator
  2. The host and moderators can speak but other participants can unmute themselves
  3. Everyone can speak

Toggles between hearing entry chimes and not hearing entry chimes when a participant enters the show.
**Please note, entry chimes are recorded and will be heard during a playback of a recording.
Starts and stops the recording.
** Please note that each time a recording is stopped, and started again, an additional recording is created; thus, your episode will have multiple recordings.
Ends the show (on the old TalkShoe, this was called terminating the call).

Please note that *7, *8, *9, and *0 can only be used by the host and any assigned moderators in the show.