’s Scheduling feature gives you the ability to schedule Episodes in advance. Once you’ve planned a time, sends out automated invitations to everyone you want to invite. As the start time approaches - 15 minutes before your Episode is due to start - sends out a round of reminders to you and your participants, so no one will miss a beat.


The Scheduling feature is easy to use. From the 'Shows' page click on the orange 'Create' button or the 'Shows' icon. A list of your shows will appear. Simply click the name of the show you want to schedule an episode for. Click the 'New Episode' button and select 'Schedule' from the drop sown menu that appears.


Pick a Date/Time and Title:


1. Enter an episode Title. You can remove the episode number if you want.

2. Pick a date and time for your episode.

*The time is listed for your time zone based upon your computer’s time zone settings.

Note: To start an episode immediately, leave the current date and time that is listed already.

3. Choose an estimated length of your episode. Note that the actual episode can be shorter or longer than this. The maximum length of an episode is 12 hours.

4. Type in a 'Description' of your episode.

5. Optionally click the ‘Timezones’ button to select a time zone for others you want to invite to your episode who live in other locations. For example, if you have a friend that lives in Manchester, UK that you want to invite to your show, you can add that person’s time zone to the invite so they know when your show is in their time zone. Click the “Save” button when finished.

6. When finished entering in your episode information, click the “Next” button. 


Invite People (optional):

The next page will allow you to select the Contacts you would like to send invitations to. Note that it is not necessary for someone to receive an email invite in order for them to take part in your episode.

You can type or paste an email address in the field at the top or if you already have contacts in your address book, click the 'Add' button next to those you wish to send invitations to. You can also remove participants by clicking on 'Remove' next to the relevant contact.


Choose Dial-In Numbers:


Clicking on "Next" will bring you to a page where you can choose to add additional dial-in numbers to your invitation. This is useful if you have callers in other countries. Just scroll through the list to find the number you need or type a location in the search field at the top. If you don't need to add more numbers, just click on "next".


Summary & Schedule:


The final page will show a summary of your call details and preferences. If you want to change anything, just click on "Back". Once you are happy that everything is correct, simply click on "Schedule".

A confirmation page will appear with links to add the call to your calendar. You can close this window and then return to your account homepage. A confirmation mail will be sent to you, and your participants will receive their invitation emails with the call-in details and dial-in numbers.