1. Make sure you are signed in with your TalkShoe user account and click the orange “Create” button next to your TalkShoe name in the upper right corner.


New Show

2. Click the ‘+New show’ button.

3. Enter a Title for your show. Notice your show page’s URL appears below, which you can edit if you like by clicking the pencil symbol.

4. Choose to make your show a ‘Public’ show or an ‘Unlisted’ show.

5. Add a ‘Description’.

6. Choose a Rating for your show.

- ‘All audiences’ would be suitable for everyone with no adult language or adult material.

- ‘Parental Control’ is a show with material that might contain the occasional adult language or adult material, suitable for 13 years or older.

- ‘Explicit Language’ is only for audience ages 18 or older, containing a lot of adult themed material.

7. Pick a ‘Category’ for your show that is appropriate for the show’s content.

8. Click the ‘Save’ button. Your show is now created!

9. You will now be on that show’s ‘Show Page’. You can add a Show Image by clicking the box to the left of your show’s name.

10. Either drag and drop an image file on to the box on the right or click ‘Select file’ and select an image file from your computer. Then click ‘Upload’. The image must be a square jpg, png, or gif file that is max. 500KB, (at least 1400x1400 pixels). For podcasting listing services that do not allow gif files, a suitable single frame from the gif will automatically be submitted by TalkShoe in an appropriate file format.