We've updated the download statistics on TalkShoe to be more accurate and provide more detailed data about who is listening to your podcast. We used to only be able to let you know if someone clicked on an episode page. Now we can give you more detailed information to help you understand more about your listeners.

Currently the new analytics section only shows data for a whole show. As of Friday, April 1st 2022, you will also have access to data for individual episodes.

Where do I find my show analytics?

What data can I see?

  • Average listen time
  • Total listens for a given period
  • Location of your listeners
  • Device used by your listeners
  • Which distribution platform your listeners are using

Data for podcast listens can take up to 72 hours to populate in your account.

Analytics for Live Stream Events

  • We're also adding analytics for your live events. You'll be able to see who watched your live show. Look out for this in the coming weeks.